For fencing in Hailsham and the surrounding area look no further than us. With a high focus on delivering the very best in customer service and a finish to match, you’ll find the perfect options for fencing in Hailsham and the surrounding area with us.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking for domestic fencing or a business looking for a commercial fencing solution, we’ll be able to help you with exactly what you need, including:


With a great choice of styles and range of designs, we can help you with your domestic panel needs. Whether you’re after fencing panels that can help you to close off your garden and give you an added layer of privacy, or as an addition to a garden that is following a favoured style or aesthetic look, we can help you to install the panels that you want.


Closeboard fencing is renowned for their strength, versatility and ability to fit into a range of different looks. Also known as feather board fencing, our offerings come with a range of styles, all of which can complement your home, whether your priority is for added security or to create the perfect look and feel to complement what you already have.

Hit & Miss

This style of fencing brings together alternatively fixed boards that creates a look that is unique in its approach. Perfect for if you want a fence that is attractive on both sides, hit and miss fencing is popular amongst homeowners and provides a great balance between security and being aesthetically pleasing.

Palisade Fencing

Created using vertically running rails that connect to horizontally running ones. Palisade fencing is primarily used for keeping intruders out of commercial properties thanks to its sturdy structure and difficulty to climb. They are also visually deterrent and provide an imposing-looking fencing solution.

Rabbit Netting

A type of fence that is good for pest and vermin control, rabbit netting is able to keep out small animals from your home or commercial property. For commercial properties, rabbit netting can be the perfect solution to keeping small critters out and away from your goods, while domestic owners may want to use it as a way of protecting their garden.

Stock Fencing

Perfect for those looking for commercial fencing solution, security fencing can offer you the type of protection that you need when it comes to high-value goods or premises. Visually imposing and difficult to climb, security fencing can help you by being part of a high-level security system that can help you to protect your property.

Site Hoarding

A great solution for construction sites, site hoarding can provide you with the security and protection that you need. As well as being mobile, this temporary structure can be erected quickly with minimal fuss.

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