With over 20 years’ worth of experience in landscaping in Hailsham and the surrounding area, we’ve put together numerous landscaping projects and designs over the years, all of which have also come with our famous high-quality customer service.

Our dedication to landscaping and ensuring that our work is of the highest quality is second-to-none. It’s this passion and desire to do the very best that has kept us going over the years and will continue to do so moving forward.

We offer a range of landscaping options, including the following:


Paving can help you to offer structure and direction to a part of your garden while also creating a wonderfully aesthetically pleasing feature whether you want to use concrete as part of your garden’s structure in order to keep people from roaming onto other areas or as part of a bigger picture.

We offer a range of different paving materials, including natural stone, concrete, granite, slate, tile, sandstone and many more. Get in touch with us today in order to find out more about the styles and designs on offer.


An excellent way of bringing together the interior and exterior of your home, a patios can help you to connect your home wonderfully.

Whether you want a standard type of patios or something a little bit different, our expertise and ability to match your every need will mean that we can help you to create a patios that is not only pleasing on the eye but also built to last.

Shed Bases

With years of experience that allows us to have the necessary knowledge needed, our shed bases provide much needed and long-lasting foundation for many shed types. The ultimate goal of a shed base is to create an area of level ground, be able to support the weight of the shed and allow air to circulate underneath it. All of which we’re able to achieve.

Conservatory Bases

As an extension to your home, you need an expert who can build conservatory bases to the same standards as the rest of your home. A conservatory base needs to have sound structural stability in order to provide your property with a base for the conservatory that you want. For years we’ve provided this service and have a number of satisfied customers who will attest to the quality conservatory bases we’re able to provide.


Whether the grass in your garden is looking tired or you just want to revitalise the look of it in conjunction with a major landscaping project, we can provide a range of turfing options to give you the look and feel that you need. We have years of experience in supplying and installing natural turfing in order to create a space that’s just right. With the right turf in place, your home can make a positive impression all year round.

Artificial Grass

With little upkeep and a perfect look even in the worst of weather conditions, artificial grass is quickly becoming a desired option for many homeowners. We’ve been installing artificial grass for many years and have seen first-hand the impact it can have, so why not consider a maintenance-free and high looking addition to your home today with artificial grass installation.


Whether it’s as a part of a full landscaping project or just an addition to an already beautiful looking area of your home, decking can provide you with a convenient and aesthetically pleasing place to unwind, host or both. Available in a range of different finishes and styles, our range of decking options is second to none, so why not discover how it can improve the look of your home today.

Concrete Slabs for Summer House Bases

A summer house can be the focal point of your garden, but without a base, you run the risk of problems. Make sure your summer house is ready for the foreseeable future with one of our expert bases. With locally renowned experts and the utmost attention-to-detail, we’re able to create a solid foundation that will keep your summer home looking radiant and without problems for years to come.

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